Club Penguin Blog: What’s Coming in September 2015

Megg has posted a list of things that will be happening this month on the Club Penguin Blog. However, just like last month, the list is scrambled. Here is her post
Hi Penguins!

Ready to unscramble another wonderful list of events coming this month? Who am I kidding... Of course you are! :D And... GO:

1. ysedin nntdcseadse yaptr
2. nlntioaa wilelifd nohtm
3. katl leik a ietrpa yda
4. onaatiln divoe gsaem ayd
5. ddeyt eabr ady
6. drea a obok dya
7. bemrmeer nhwe...
8. shear yuro erismoem (10 naaiyvensrr idvoe)

Don't forget to work together in the comments below -- good luck!

-Club Penguin Team

P.S. I'll be posting Featured Outfits later today -- stay tuned :D
The list spells out:

  1. Disney Descendants Party
  2. National Wildlife Month
  3. Talk Like a Pirate Day
  4. National Video Games Day
  5. Teddy Bear Day
  6. Read a Book Day
  7. Remember When…
  8. Share Your Memories (10 Anniversary Video)

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