Club Penguin Reporters Two Year Anniversary – 2014 Year In Review

Two years ago on January 4, 2013, the thought of being a Club Penguin Blogger came to my mind. Back when I was younger, I have always idolized sites from Monchocho and Riffy8888. I always wondered: "How is it like being a Club Penguin Blogger?". So on January 5, I made up my mind and came up with a site titled "Club Penguin Reporters" on Wordpress, as recommended by Trainman1405. And so my blogging career unfolded.

It started well, or maybe that's what I thought. But the views were lower than I expected - I guess I wasn't really 'advertising' or sharing my posts back then. I was also having an issue with my blog back then, it had a 'weird' theme and I couldn't find the answer to it. So just a few days after April Fools', I decided to move from Wordpress to Blogger, as many recommend, and sure enough, it was working fine. After several days, it came to me that I was using 'pages' instead of 'posts' while posting on Wordpress, yes, there is a difference - how stupid was I?

Blogging has been a really eye-opening experience for me. Thanks to it, my life has been more interesting - in fact, my writing skills improved. I have also learned a lot of IT, or Information Technology and might be taking Software Engineering in the future, even though they don't relate. xD

So that's a simple background of my blogging career. Here are a few stats of my site this past year:

  • Total Views in 2013: 19, 230 (Includes Wordpress 810 views)
  • Total Posts made in 2013: 851 (Includes Wordpress 'posts')
  • Total Views in 2014: 26, 254
  • Total Posts made in 2013: 671
  • Total Views all time: 45, 484
  • Total Posts all time: 1, 522
  • Month with most views: December 2014 with 5, 482
Club Penguin Reporters 2014 Stats

What I noticed is that this blog lack of comments from you readers. With the recent implementation of the Disqus comment feature, I would appreciate it if you can leave me a comment, giving me a feedback, and a response.

Here are the top 5 most viewed posts of 2014.

  1. Club Penguin Kermit Meetup Times Muppets World Tour March 2014
  2. Club Penguin Merry Walrus Party 2014: Adopt a Blue Crystal Puffle
  3. Free 14 Day Club Penguin Membership With Disney Movie Rewards
  4. Club Penguin Holiday Party 2014 and "We Wish You a Merry Walrus" Information...
  5. Club Penguin Rockhopper Meetup Times Pirate Party November 2014

Thanks for making Club Penguin Reporters another awesome year, and I hope you continue to check Club Penguin Reporters and leave some fantastic comments!

Here's to a great year of 2015! Waddle On! :D


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