Club Penguin Coins For Change 2014 Results - 26 Billion Coins Donated!

The results of Club Penguin's 2014 Coins For Change are in and has been posted to their official blog! In total, 26 million coins were donated! Awesome!
Thanks to everyone who took part in Coins For Change 2014. You guys donated an amazing 26 BILLION coins! WOW!
Club Penguin Coins For Change 2014 - Results Are In!
One of the projects we're supporting is a playground built by KaBOOM!

Some members of the Club Penguin Team will be going down to give them the news. And as part of the surprise, we wanted to share some messages from you, to the children in the community where the playground will be built.

So leave your message in the comments below.
Great job everyone! I sure am surprised with the amount of coins!

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