Club Penguin Blog: February is Music Month on Club Penguin

Megg has posted on the Club Penguin Blog announcing next month, February will be a music month, which means you can expect lots of music! She also included a concept drawing sneak peek of one of the rooms for their February party. The room is some sort of a puffle themed backstage, due to the O' Berries on stage from Puffle Wild. Here's what Megg said:
Hey Penguins!

I love music, you know why? Music brings people (and penguins) together. And boy do we have one music filled month coming up!

One of the exciting things happening in February is a music themed party! Here's a concept drawing of a room from the party:
AND you can expect more musical goodies throughout the month -- such as the hairstyle that you helped pick a color for :D

We'll have more information about how you'll experience all things musical soon.

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