Club Penguin Rookie Meetup Times School & Skate Party September 2014

Rookie is waddling around the Club Penguin island for the School & Skate Party 2014! If you meet him you can unlock his stamp and receive a background from him. Unfortunately he does not have a new background. If you’d like to meet him in game feel free to attend any of the meetup times listed below.

All of the times listed are PST, which is the time shown on the clock tower at the Snow Forts. For EST add three hours to the times and for the UK add eight hours to the times. All of the servers are English servers unless stated otherwise in the meetup time. There is no specific room Rookie will be in, so check out the whole island, especially school-related rooms! Here are the meetup times:

Tuesday, September 30th

  • 2:30 PM on the server Fog

Wednesday, October 1st

  • 1:00 AM on the Russian server Ледниковый
  • 7:00 AM on the Portuguese server Meias de lã
  • 7:30 AM on the Russian server Аврора
  • 8:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe
  • 9:30 AM on the server Rainbow
  • 10:30 AM on the Portuguese server Flor da Neve

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