Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2016 Teaser Video

Club Penguin's Prehistoric Party starts in a few days so Megg posted a teaser video of the party to the official blog. The video does contain sneak peeks so spoiler alert! It shows off the items available, the dinosaur transformations and much more!
WANTED: Brave penguins to go back in time. This is not a joke!

Before you journey to Prehistoric time, you should know one thing: time travel can be tricky! (The most important question... is there cake back in time?)

It seems that travelling through time creates different realities for web and mobile players. EVERYONE on the web can play the Dino Dig mini-game and members on web only can transform into some amazing dinosaurs! Members on the Club Penguin app AND on can collect five dinosaur puffles!

Here's a little walkthrough video to help prepare you:
I'm so excited, let's get the Time Trekker ready to go!

I'll see you all millions of years ago!

-Club Penguin Team

P.S. Ninja was sick when I recorded this walkthrough video, so I put on my best Ninja impression and edited it ALL BY MYSELF! :D

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