Club Penguin Blog: Lights in the Sky!

Megg has made a new blog post talking about the recent alien abductions that have been happening around the island. These alien abductions lead up to their upcoming EPF event Operation: Crustacean.

Club Penguin Blog: Lights in the Sky!
Hi Penguins!

This may sound strange... but you guys trust me, right?

Okay so... I've seen WEIRD things. Just yesterday I saw a light in the sky beam up a penguin. No, really! She was there one second and then POOF... gone!

When I saw her again she was wearing a tinfoil hat. Isn't that nuts?! And AWESOME, obviously. I've been seeing more and more penguins wearing them.

It can't just be me who's noticed!

Maybe the lights are from weather balloons.... right?

-Club Penguin Team
Besides that, Club Penguin added a new slide to their homepage, teasing Operation: Crustacean. The slide shows two penguins watching as another gets abducted by aliens. In the bushes over the left you can also see several individual eyes, which could be teasing alien puffles!

Club Penguin Operation: Crustacean Homepage Slide November 2015

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