Club Penguin Blog: CP Time Warp #19 — Operation: Blackout

Operation: Blackout in 2012 was an interesting one. It was actually inspired by the Club Penguin community themselves, and it became one of the biggest party in history! That's what Megg talked about for the nineteenth CP Time Warp.
This is an amazing story we love because it's a reminder about how awesome our CP audience is and how important it is to listen to them! Did you know that Operation Blackout was actually the result of someone accidentally seeing some scribbles on the office whiteboard?

And here's a bit of random history:

“Operation Blackout” came about as we were doing the year's planning on a white board. We used the phrase “Operation Blackout” as a bit of a joke, to block out time for the dev guys to work on new tech. A pic of the white board accidentally got published and the more we heard kids get excited about this mySterIOus "Operation Blackout", the mOre we knEw... BRRRAaaP? ;;......error 530 unexpected error please call manufacturer BZZZZTTT
Club Penguin Blog: CP Time Warp #19 — Operation: Blackout

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