Club Penguin Blog: Featured Outfits for September 14, 2015

Megg started the new weekly Featured Outfits for Mondays and has posted the video for September 14th on the Club Penguin Blog. Click here to watch the video. NOTE: As of writing the video does not load, but it should be fixed shortly.

Here is the list of featured penguins:
  • Alision876
  • Amy Bacon
  • Andy 386
  • Bay4242
  • Chloe7575
  • Endergirl153
  • Foreverpeng4
  • Kglea
  • Littlebran10
  • Orion9057
  • Ozvarnce123
  • Samadiana
  • Sparkles9957
  • Wobbles33349
  • Zaper231

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