Club Penguin Blog: Dress to impress with Chatta

Chattabox is having a Fashion Festival themed meetup later today, September 3rd. She has made a new post on the official blog with details of her meetup.
G’Day Penguins,

How FASHION FABULOUS is the clothing catalogue for the Fashion Festival?!

It’s a big call…but I think this might be my favourite party yet! I’ve changed my outfit over 20 times and now I have one that I think is worthy of a party. I hope you’ve all entered the challenges and voted on who wore it better.

There are so many outfits to choose from I want to see your best ones! Let’s all show off our awesome outfits by running our very own fashion show. Come dressed to impress because I want to see your best outfits. Your stage is waiting.
Club Penguin Blog: Dress to impress with Chatta
Take a right into the High Fashion area and let's meet at the Glam Stage on Friday 4th September on the Down Under server. Try not to be ‘fashionably’ late! Here are the times:

* 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
* 6pm New Zealand Standard Time
* 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Thursday 3rd September for everyone over in the US and Canada
* 7am on Friday 4th September for my pals in the UK

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