New Club Penguin Special “Penguin Monster Beach Party”

A new Club Penguin TV special, apparently going unannounced, will be airing in the United Kingdom today, Saturday the 15th.

This new animated features Jangrah from Merry Walrus, who has planned the perfect Beach Party. However, a 65 million year old giant shark from the iceberg, aka the megalodon, ends up being released on accident - causing prehistoric pandemonium at Club Penguin.

New Club Penguin Special “Penguin Monster Beach Party”
However, why hasn’t Club Penguin said anything about it? They made no announcement prior to the airing of this special, which is strange as they would usually advertise to spread the word out and attract viewers. Don’t worry of missing the show though, as checks on the internet have came up with several repeats/air times for it.

The show will only be airing in the United Kingdom. The air times are as follows:

Saturday, August 15th:

  • 7:00 AM on Disney XD
  • 8:55 AM on Disney Junior

Sunday, August 16th:

  • 4:30 PM on Disney XD
  • 5:30 PM on Disney XD +1
  • 5:35 PM on Disney Junior
  • 6:35 PM on Disney Junior +

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