Club Penguin Inside Out Party July 2015

Club Penguin’s sixth party of 2015, the Inside Out Party, is now on computers!

Party Features

When you first log on you will appear at the Dock. Gary will talk to you.

Captain Rockhopper needs your help! His emotions and memories are erratic. It’s catastrophic! Explore his mind by entering the Minderizer 3000 in the Dock!
To start off, head in the Minderizer 3000.

Joy will talk to you.

Hi, I’m Joy. It’s great to meet you! Small problem – Rockhopper’s core memories are scattered around his mind! Take this bag with you! You’ll need it to carry all the memory orbs.
In the Minderizer you can help the Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and Anger emotions. To start finding the memory orbs, head over to the room on the right.

There is a map of all the rooms.


When you start, you can claim free items. Each emotion has different items, some for members and others for all players. Maake sure you click all the claim buttons!

There’s a missing happy core memory, and we need to find it! I’m positive you can do it. Let’s go through the entrance on the right!
The missing happy core memory is in ImaginationLand.

Joy will then appear.

Aww yes! Now back to the Headquarters. Everything is looking up now!
Head back to the Headquarters and click on the glowing platform.

Now you have to move the blocks and get the core memory back to the memory bank.

Let’s get that core memory back to the memory bank! Move block sot clear the way!

When you’re done a scene from Rockhopper’s past will be revealed. For Joy it shows Rockhopper discovering Yarr.

Aww! This was when Rockhopper discovered Yarr. What an amazing day!
Yay us! I always knew you could do it.

Once you’re finished with Joy, the next emotion will appear.

The sad core memory is missing. We could try to find it, but we probably won’t.
The missing sad core memory is in Dream Productions.

Sadness will appear.

We still need to bring it all the way back to Headquarters. We’re doomed.
Head back to the glowing platform at the Headquarters and move the blocks to get the core memory back to the memory bank.

After we push these blocks, I need some alone time.
Sadness will reveal when Rockhopper ran out of stinky cheese.

The stinky cheese ran out one time. That was the worst.
I didn’t think we could do it. No really.

Once you’re done, Anger will appear.

WHAT?! The angry core memory is missing!? What are we doing standing around?
The missing Anger core memory is in Loot Island.

Gotcha! Now back to Headquarters. We have to return this NOW!
Back to the Headquarters and play the puzzle.

Put that core memory back, no matter what!
Anger will reveal when the crabs stole Rockhopper’s ship during the Pirate Party 2014.

This got me so fired up! Those crabs STOLE the Migrator!
Done! Now I’m gonna make sure that never happens again!

After that, Disgust will appear.

This is ridiculous. Where did that disgust core memory go? Ugh, we better find it.
The missing Disgust core memory is on Food Island.

Finally! Now let’s get outta here, seriously. Back to the Headquarters.
Again, head back to the glowing platform and play the puzzle.

Let’s get this over with. I am so done with this core memory.
Disgust will reveal when Rockhopper tasted seaweed.

Eww! That seaweed was so wet and slimy. Yuck!
We totally got the memory back. Yup, I was good. You’re welcome.

The final emotion, Fear will appear.

We’re going to look for the fear core memory?! It’s not safe out there!
The missing Fear core memory is at Subconcious.

That was terrifying! Now we need to survive the trip back to the Headquarters…
Head back to the glowing platform and finish the puzzle.

What if we can’t put the core memory back. THEN WHAT!?
Fear will reveal when Rockhopper was afraid of heights on the Crow’s Nest.

Oh no, no, no! This was up on the crow’s nest. Eeek!
Whew. Safe and sound. Probably… Let’s check it again.
When you’re finished, Joy will appear with a free background as a reward for finding all the missing core memories.

Woo-hoo! You’ve found all the core memories. Captain Rockhopper will be adventuring again soon! Take this background as thanks for your help!
When you return to the Dock Gary will appear.

Brilliant work! The Minderizer 3000 didn’t have any of the side effect I’d predicted. A successful test! Oh and Rockhopper seems fine too.
Rockhopper will then appear, offering loot as reward.

I be feeling ship shape again! And I think I have ye to thank for it, matey. Take this loot as a reward. Now I just hope Yarr still be sailing me ship. Har har!
Miscellanous and Free Items

If you didn’t previously collect the items, you can collect them through the Memory Bag icon in the top right. Here members can also transform into Bing Bong and a Rainbow Unicorn.

As usual here are the party exclusive emotes, featuring the five emotions.

Gary is also waddling around the island. You can check out meetup times with him here.

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