Club Penguin English, French, Spanish, and German Moderators Leaving

After the recent job cut offs and leaving of Polo Field, more moderators are leaving Club Penguin. This time, 4 moderators from four different languages will be leaving. They are bloggers Daffodaily5 from the English team, Loustik005 from the French team, Karlapop321 from the Spanish team and Koa Koralle from the German team.

It is unknown whether they too were laid off or left on their own terms. Though, in their similar, if not nearly identical posts announcing the news, they said they will be “moving on to our own adventures”. From then on, Megg will be in charge of Daffodaily5's Penguin of the Week.

All four of them will be having a farewell party this Wednesday, June 3rd at the Plaza. It will be on the English server Big Foot at 8:00 AM PST, on the Spanish server Avalancha at 8:15 AM PST, on the German server Handschuhe at 8:30 AM PST, and on the Frensh server Yeti at 8:45 AM PST.

It's sad to see you all leave. Best of luck in everything in your future!

Click their names and you can read their announcement posts for Daffodaily5, Loustik005, Koa Koralle, and Karlapop321.

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