Club Penguin Blog: Who Wore it Best? Submit Your Secret Agent-Esque Outfit

Last time The Club Penguin Team asked us to submit our best Fair outfits. They have not posted the outfits yet, but will soon post them once the Fair party ends. As for now, the team wants to see submissions of our secret agent outfits. Here’s what Megg said:
Hi Penguins!

We see some crazy amazing outfits waddling around the island and we want to showcase them more!

Starting this month, we'll post about a theme for you to dress up as and submit for our showcase.The following week we will show off our top 10 favorite submissions!

Ready to get styling your outfit? The theme for this month will be EPF or secret agent – to celebrate classic training missions coming to the island :) Here's mine:
Take a screenshot of your penguin's player card, then submit your outfit HERE.

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