Penguin of the Week: Mrzero3

Daffodaily5 has posted the new Penguin of the Week on the Club Penguin Blog. Congratulations to my friend Mrzero3 who is this week’s featured penguin. Here’s why he was chosen:
Mrzero3 has been a dedicated member of the Club Penguin community for a long time. Recently, he's been doing a fantastic job raising awareness for various health issues by organizing parties online, bringing penguins together to have fun for a great cause!
April 30th, 2015 Penguin of the Week: Mrzero3

As a reward for being Penguin of the Week they will receive 10,000 coins and the exclusive Penguin of the Week background. You can nominate someone for Penguin of the Week by commenting on the Club Penguin Blog with the penguin’s username and why they should be featured.

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