Club Penguin Ski Lodge & Attic Updated To Puffle Lodge

Originally scheduled for release next week on the 26th as stated in last week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times, the new Ski Lodge/Puffle Lodge is out now with its Attic updated. When you log on you’ll appear at the Ski Village. PH will talk to you.

G’day! PH here. The Puffle Lodge is now open in the Ski village. come by and join the Puffle Guides! We’ll celebrate next week with fish cake.
This is the new exterior, decorated with different coloured-balloons.

Here is the new Ski Lodge/Puffle Lodge. The fire at the fireplace is not animated. :/

Here is the Lodge Attic. Here you can find many different relics that have appeared on the island, such as Scorn's Crown, a Yellow Stegosaurus egg and even Gary's relative Garianna's Magical Book.

On the wall there is a painting of a tipped iceberg and also a UFO.

You can also access the Box Dimension from the Lodge Attic with the box right beside Buoy 10.

By the way, the Tour Guide Booth has been moved to another location and in its place you can see more trees, and if you look closely you can see a small part of a blue sign, which is commonly used to direct players around the island.

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