Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015

Club Penguin's first party of 2015, the Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 is now here!

Party Features

When you first log in Kanan from the Rebels squad will talk to you.

Hey. I’m Kanan. Our crew is going to stop the Empire. Do you think you have what it takes to join us?
Do a mission for every member of the Ghost’s crew, then we can talk more.
Click on the Rebels icon on the top right corner to begin. The Star Wars Rebels Takeover has two different parts. You have to help the Rebels crew, with new tasks unlocked each day, and the rebel journey, where you can battle other players. Completing all the missions will unlock a lightsaber.

The first quest is with Sabine. For her task, you have to paint rebel symbols over Imperial posters by throwing snowballs.

There are 8 posters are around the island.

Once done she will speak to you.

You've got talent. We could use another artist on the team.
You can then collect items from her as a reward.

The next quest is with Ezra. You need to collect creates of fruit from around the island.

Hi, I'm Ezra. I know what it's like to prove yourself to the crew. Bring back the fruit that the Empire stole and I'll put in a good word for you.
Click on the crates to collect them.

After finish collecting them Ezra and Kanan will both talk to you.

Let's get this food to the citizens before those bucketheads noticing anything.
Thanks for sticking your neck out. Finish two more missions and I'll let you in on our next plan.
New tasks will unlock each day.

In the meantime, if you are a member you can start your rebel journey if you have lightsabers from the Star Wars Takeover 2013. That's been two years!

Press D to look for a partner and duel. Click the cross lightsabers icon to duel another player. It is similar to both the Jedi Battle in the previous Star Wars Takeover and the pirate battle from the Pirate Party 2014.

During your progress Kanan and the Inquisitor will talk to you from time to time.

You've made some progress. No matter. You will never challenge me.
Are you ready for a new mission?
You've gained more power. But it will mean nothing when you face me.
You're as ready as you'll ever be to face the Inquisitor. May the Force be with you.
Once you finish you can challenge the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor will talk to you.

Ha. You've come to face your doom. Kanan has not prepared you for my powers. Try not to lose too quickly-I'd prefer a real challenge.
This is the battle with the Inquisitor.

When you defeat the Inquisitor he will talk to you.

What?! You're more powerful than I believed possible. But I've learned your style now. Don't expect to win again.
Members can then collect the items as reward.


As mentioned above, new tasks will be unlocked each day for you to complete. Each task will have a free item for both non-members and members.


The map has also been updated for the party.

There are four party exclusive emote this time. They are the Double Lightsaber, Lightsaber, Imperial and Rebels

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