Club Penguin Upcoming Unreleased Items: Merry Walrus Medal and PH Wild Puffle Player Card Giveaway

Club Penguin has recently added two new unreleased items to their files. It is unknown when these items will be released.

The first one is the PH Wild Puffle Player Card Giveaway. Now that Puffle Wild is released worldwide in the iOS App Store, PH will likely be giving away this background the next time she is online.

Club Penguin PH Wild Puffle Player Card Giveaway

The next item is the Merry Walrus Medal. This neck item will probably be released later this month. It is unknown how this item will be unlocked. Club Penguin blogger Trainman1405 does suggest that it could be given out as a code at the end of Club Penguin's upcoming holiday special We Wish You A Merry Walrus that premieres on Disney Channel later this month.

Club Penguin Merry Walrus Medal

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