Club Penguin Minor Updates: Igloo Music and Homepage Slides Updated

Along with the other updates here are some minor ones in Club Penguin. First off, their igloo music has been updated with holiday tracks, every single one!

Club Penguin Igloo Music December 2014

Here are the added music:

  • Merry Walrus
  • Puffle Shuffle
  • Catching Snowflakes
  • Ring In The Cheer
  • Cool In The Lounge
  • Tis The Season
  • Holiday Lights
  • All Aboard for the Holidays
  • Cool In The Cold
  • The Palace of Ice Crystals
  • Santa’s Sleigh
  • Holiday Medley
  • A Little Holiday Magic
  • Santa’s Mix

You can now listen to the tracks which Club Penguin have added to a playlist here:

Next Club Penguin added four new slides to their homepage. The first slide advertises their new app Puffle Wild.

Club Penguin Puffle Wild Homepage Slide

The second slide advertises the Club Penguin app coming soon for Android. It also shows the app’s icon.

Club Penguin Android App Homepage Slide

The third slide is about the Merry Walrus Party. It says “Gifts for everyone!”.

Club Penguin Merry Walrus Party Homepage Slide

The fourth and final slide is for Coins For Change. Clicking “learn more” takes you to this page.

Club Penguin Coins For Change Homepage Slide

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