Club Penguin December 2014 Penguin Style

Club Penguin has released their new clothing catalog in the Clothes Shop! This is the December 2014 Penguin Style, which is their twelfth and final edition of clothing styles for 2014. The theme for this month's catalog is holiday. From December 18th to January 1st, all coins from purchases made in this catalog will go towards Coins For Change.

From December 18th to January 1st, all purchases from this catalog go towards Coins For Change! Save up and give big! Coins For Change is a charity powered by you! Every year, BILLIONS of coins are donated to make real changes all over the world. The projects range from safe places to play to wildlife protection. They all make a difference and they’re all supported by your coins!
You will see a banner advertising it on the top of every page. Try buying your clothing at December 18th!

Here is this month’s background selection:

Here are the newly added pages for this month. There are several free items for members.

This month's penguin at work is being a toymaker.

Here are the hidden items:

Click the snowman's head for the Festive Hat. This hat costs 150 coins.

Click on the scarf the penguin is wearing for the Knitted Scarf. It is 150 coins.

Click the Fuzzy Coat and Tights for the Gold Sparkle Loafers. This pair of loafers is 200 coins.

Click the watch in the top score selfie image for the Puffle Watch. This hand item is 150 coins.

Click the female penguin’s foot for the Harvest Orange Slippers. This pair of feet item costs 100 coins.

Click the Continental hat for the Squid Lid, which costs 150 coins.

Click the Swabbie for the Klutzy Disguise. This item costs 350 coins.

For the Viking Helmets, click the purple penguin's flipper.

The Viking Helmet will appear. It costs 750 coins.

Open and close it four times. The Blue Viking Helmet will then appear. It costs 1,200 coins.

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