Club Penguin Blog: Daffo's Ghost Pirate Meetup!

Penguin of the Week hasn't returned yet. Instead, Daffodaily5 has posted the featured swashbuckling story on the Club Penguin Blog. The featured story is by Emily44143. In honour of the story, Daffodaily5 will be hosting a meetup today! It will be at the Cove on the server Fog, at 4:30pm GMT, which is 8:30am Penguin Standard Time. Here's what she said:
Hiya! Oh – I mean, Avast ye, mateys!

The Pirate Party has sailed off into the sunset, but there’s still time for Emily44143’s brill Swashbuckling Story:
Club Penguin Pirate Party
I was battling some friends when a sudden gust of wind knocked my sword out of my hands! My opponent was about to win when that terrible wind knocked his sword out of his hands!

“Arrgh!” I roared. “Where did this wind come from?”

A nearby tea kettle began to rattle and a ghost pirate came shooting out of it!

“Mwahaha! I will rule CP!” He laughed.

“No you won’t!” I yelled back.

I retrieved my sword and broke the kettle in half.

“NOOO!” The ghost pirate exclaimed as he faded away.
Inspired by that story, I’ve decorated my igloo like a ghost ship, and we’re going to have a party! I’ll be at the Cove on the server Fog, at 4:30pm GMT (8:30am Penguin Standard Time) today, 4th December. Join me there - and for bonus points, dress as a ghost or a pirate!

Next week, I’ll be doing a Q&A session! Ask me questions in the comments of this post, and I’ll choose a few of them to answer by next Thursday :)
Daffodaily5 will be doing a Q&A session. You can leave a question for her in the comments here and she will choose a few from them to answer.

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