Club Penguin Blog: Best of 2014 – Favorite Music

Club Penguin is working on a best of 2014 mashup music video and the team wants to know what our favorite music of 2014 was. Previously they asked what our favourite items were. Here’s Megg’s blog post with favorite items from three selected penguins:
Hey Penguins!

Big thanks to everyone that left a comment on our favorite items of 2014 post! Here are a few comments that we enjoyed:

Funnylimes: My favorite item was: The fluffy gown! Go Fluffies!!! :D

Mighty Pant: My favorite item from 2014 is definitely the Magma Hoodie from the prehistoric party. It has those cool little details that make you say: "Cool!" when you see them.

Cloverthedog: I liked the soccer trophy from the penguin cup party because it was such a great party! I liked how we got to play and actually decide the winner of the cup! Go CP!
Club Penguin Blog: Best of 2014 – Favorite Music
Now we'd like to know what your all time favorite song of 2014 was and why. Can't wait to read all your comments!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

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