Club Penguin Pirate Party November 2014 - Battle Crabs For Loot!

Ahoy me hearties! Club Penguin’s Pirate Party is now released! Battle crabs and claim Rockhopper's treasure.

Main Party Features

When you first log on Rockhopper will talk to you.

YEARGH! Scallywag crabs crashed me ship AND looted me hold full of rare items! That be against the pirate code I just be making up!
Will ye join me crew, matey? Stop these crabs from burying me treasure and ye can have your fair share!
Start by clicking the scroll icon at the top right corner. The Pirate Party has two different parts. There is the crab treasure hunt, with new treasure unlocked each day, and the pirate journey, where you can battle other pirates. Both unlock items for your penguin. Some of the items are members only.

Now head over to the Beach to begin your crab treasure hunt. Waddle to the treasure chest to battle the crabs. 

Rockhopper will speak to you again, explaining the rules.

It be a duel! Dueling be a lot like rock, paper, scissors. Beat yer opponent’s attack and win!
Claim yer sword and show ‘em how a real pirate be swashbucklin’!
Wear your sword and battle the crabs. Click any of the three buttons until you defeat all three crabs.

Well done, matey! Ye be choosin' the right attack!

If you and the crab have the same attack, Rockhopper will ask you to choose another attack.

Ye both be doin' the same attack. Cross swords again!
Once you beat the crabs Rockhopper will talk again:

Well done, matey. But crabs STILL be burying treasure. Train with your draw until ye be ready for more mighty duels!
As a reward you can collect the free items for that day. Everyone can collect the seaweed hair while members can collect the shirt.

Check back each day for more crab battle and items. In the meantime, you can duel other pirates on the island to gain practice. You will also unlock even more pirate items.

Press D to look for a partner and duel. Click the cross swords icon to duel another player. It is similar to the Jedi Battle in last year's Star Wars Takeover.

Simply click any of the three moves.

Keep dueling and you can earn new swords.

Here be a new sword. Ye be on yer way to being a master pirate!
Party Items

As mentioned above, check back each day for more items!

Miscellaneous Things

As usual, there are three special emotes for the party. They are the pirate, treasure chest, and crab claws.

There are many decorated rooms on the island so make sure you check them out. The map has also been updated.

Rockhopper is waddling around the island. You can view meetup times with him here.

Overall, the party was great! I wonder what Herbert is up to... What do you think?

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