Club Penguin Pirate Party 2014 Day 7: Cove Crab Battle

It's the seventh and final crab battle of Club Penguin's Pirate Party. Go to the Cove and click on the treasure chest.

Today, instead of battling three crabs, you will be battling just one giant one. However, the crab needs to be hit three times instead of just once.

After you defeat the crab, Rockhopper will appear and talk to you.

Ye vanquished all the crabs! Now Yarr be making a fake map to lure them off the island! No pirate can resist treasure! Yar har!
Click “OK” and you will see illustrations of Rockhopper and Yarr making the fake map.

The crabs studying the fake map...

...and setting sail to their next adventure.

Rockhopper will say: “Fine work! The crabs be gone. It be time for duels and pirate parades!” Since the crabs are gone, Rockhopper will have to rebuild his ship, the Migrator.

Today’s reward is the Squid Scrunch for all players and the Octolegs for members.

Make sure to collect all the items and enjoy the party before it ends next Wednesday!

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