Club Penguin Blog: CP Magazine Issue #35 Sneak Peek

The 35th issue of Club Penguin’s magazine will be out in the United Kingdom this Thursday, on the 18th of September. To promote the magazine, Daffodaily5 has made a sneak peek post talking about it. Here is what she wrote:
Managed to get my flippers on the new UK mag today (out on Thurs)! It's full of the usual assortment of puzzles, articles, competitions and island features that you've come to expect from this brill publication! Plus, as always, it's got some epic comics, so I thought I'd share this panel with you so that you can decide what's being said in this scene:
What do you think? Medieval scene, big box... what do you think he's saying? Leave your thoughts in the comments! :)
Do you think there will be a Medieval Party this year?

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