Club Penguin Frozen Party August 2014!

Club Penguin's first Frozen Party is now on Club Penguin! You can transform into characters from the hit movie and also adopt a party-exclusive Snowman Puffle!

Main Party Features

When you first log on you will be greeted by familiar faces from the movie, Anna, Elsa and Olaf! Anna will then talk to you:

It’s so nice to meet you all! Elsa has brought magic snowflakes to help you cool off!
Collect them to earn prizes.
Remember, the heart (emote) is the only way to melt magic is. Try emoting one if you want to thaw a room.
Click on the snowflake icon next to the moderator badge to begin!

Here you can find items that you can collect after finding snowflakes hidden around the island. There are three snowflakes hidden in each room, as well as one item for everyone and one item for members. Also, as a gift from Elsa, everyone can collect the Ice Palace Igloo for free!

As you collect more snowflakes, the progress bar rises which unlocks transformations, the Olaf Puffle and others!

The map has also been updated!

Here are the locations of the hidden snowflakes. Spoiler Alert!

The Beach:

The Dock:

The Town:

Snow Forts:

The Plaza:

The Forest

The Cove:

After that you can collect the final item while members can transform into Olaf and Marshmallow and also adopt a Snowman Puffle.

Adopt a Snowman Puffle:

Transform into Olaf:

Or Marshmallow:

Members can freeze all the party rooms by throwing special snowballs at sparkling areas. Everyone else can unfreeze the rooms by using the Heart emote.

Party Items

As mentioned above, you can unlock items by collecting snowflakes. Everyone can also collect the Ice Palace Igloo, which looks like this:

There will be furniture items to collect when Elsa's Ice Palace opens:


There are 3 party exclusive emotes as usual!

Make sure to check out the party on the Club Penguin app, which is this is the first party to be available on mobile!

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