Club Penguin Daily Items:11/5/13: Marvel Super Hero Takeover Special!

The Marvel Super Hero Takeover ended a few days ago. Luckily, the Heroes defeated the Villains; Club Penguin Police Department's police officers captured all robbers, and peace once comes back to the icy shores of Club Penguin.

Here's a list of items which was released:
Force Wave Gloves IconsForce Wave Power GlovesHand ItemSuper Hero Interface
Electro Blast Gloves IconsElectro Blast GlovesHand Item
MagmapowerglovesMagma Power GlovesHand Item
Brainwave Gloves clothing icon ID 5247Brainwave GlovesHand Item
FireballpowerglovesinicionFireball GlovesHand Item
Clothing Icons 5245Ooze GlovesHand Item
Crystal Shards Power GlovesCrystal Shards Power GlovesHand Item
Telekinesis Power GlovesTelekinesis Power GlovesHand Item
Clothing Icons 5248Robot Remote ControlHand ItemBy deploying a robot in Robot Factory

All of the items above are un-useful after the party. The Robot Remote Control has many colors, being: Aqua, Purple, Ooze, Yellow, Navy, Red and Ice. During the party, you could deploy a robot while wearing this.

Let's move on with more items.

Superherohoodie2Super Hero HoodieBody ItemBy completing and reaching space in Super Hero Bounce
Clothing Icons 4841Hero HoodieBody ItemBy earning 50,000 crystals in Super Hero Bounce
Robothoodie2Robot HoodieBody ItemBy building eight kinds robots in Robot Factory
9143 iconMug Shot BackgroundBackgroundThe Stage
Money Bag iconMoney BagHand ItemPizza Parlor
Clothing Icons 9196Aunt Arctic's Press GiveawayBackgroundMeeting Aunt Arctic
Construct Power Gloves IconsConstruct Power GlovesHand ItemSuper Hero Interface

To get the Super Hero Hoodie, you'll have to finish the game Super Hero Bounce. How do you know if you're finished? There's a BIG Meteorite up in Space. Hit it and you're done!


The Money Bag was a re-released item. It was available during 2012's Marvel Super Hero Takeover and 2013's. The money bag the penguin is holding below looks similar to it.

Coins for change background - full

The Mug Shot Background: If you've noticed, the background says a penguin is exactly 3.5 feet tall!

The Construct Gloves, when thrown a snowball, fixes a damaged building.

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